Pet Cremation Services

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We treat each pet as if it was our own, whether they are a cat, dog, reptile, bird, pig, rabbit, chicken, snake, or any other domestic companion.

Private Cremation

A Private Cremation ensures that only your pet’s ashes are returned to you. Our Private Cremation package is beautiful and stands alone in the industry. Your pet’s ashes will be securely sealed and placed in a Rosewood Urn, the top is carved with the Tree of Life and the front will be personalized with your pet’s name.

You’ll also receive keepsakes of a clay paw print and lock of their hair. A Cremation Certificate and Sympathy card completes the package, all of which is meticulously placed with care in a sturdy corrugated box personalized with your pet’s first and family last name.

Communal Cremation

A Communal Cremation (sometimes also referred to as a Group Cremation) has your pet cremated with two to three other pets for which the cremains are not returned to the family.

Communal cremains are spread lawfully at sea, as permitted by The Federal Clean Water Act which requires that cremains are scattered at least three nautical miles from land.

Communal cremains are scattered monthly at the same location off the coast of Wrightsville Beach. The coordinates of this location are 34.15003N, 77.71961W.

Families choosing this form of cremation have the option to receive a clay pawprint and a lock of hair upon request. See Memorial Keepsakes for more information on all options available.

Pick Up and Return Services

If the notion of bringing your pet to us is too difficult to consider, we can accommodate you by picking up your pet for an additional fee. If you’ve chosen a Private Cremation, returning their Private Cremation package in included.

Our fees are based upon the pickup location. If you like to consider this option, we’ll be happy to quote you.

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