When we return your pet’s cremains they will automatically be placed in a quality wooden urn that is included in the cremation cost.   Alternative urns, if  are available for purchase.

We have many options to choose from for creating an appropriate and meaningful way to say farewell to one that has meant so much to your life. Including Hardwood Urns, Memorial Jewelry which can hold either some of a pet’s ashes or a lock of their hair, “Paw Print” jewelry made from impressions of each pet’s paw print,, stone urns that can rest safely in your garden, and even “figurine” urns which will be customized to match the specific breed or type of pet they will be holding.

Many more options are available and the complete selection can be viewed in our office. Please, feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss viewing our urn selection or having us custom order and urn for you.

If you are interested in the memorial jewelry, we must know prior to cremation.