What should I do when my pet dies?

If your pet dies in your home or at a veterinarian’s office, please call us at 910.612.9334 and we will be happy to assist you with the arrangements for your beloved pet.

What happens when you pick up my pet?

Whether we are picking your pet up from your home or the veterinarian’s office they will be safely and carefully transported to our facility on Netherlands Drive. Your pet will never leave our care. Cremation is performed at our facility.  Our process insures that your pet is individually cared for while with us.  After the cremation process is complete, we can either deliver your pet’s cremains to your home or the veterinarian’s office, or you are welcome to pickup in our local Wilmington office. Deliveries to your home are made by appointment so we will need to discuss what time will be best for you.

How much does cremation cost?

There are two cremation options, Private and Group.  General pricing information is available by calling our office at 910.612.9334. If you are arranging for the cremation through your veterinarian, please be sure to request information about which pet crematory they will be using and if they provide a choice of crematories. Since it is your pet, you need to be sure you are happy with the arrangements being made.

Is an urn required and where do I get one?

When we return your pet’s cremains they will automatically be placed in a hand carved, wooden urn with your pet’s name engraved on a brass nameplate.  We have a few additional urns for sale in our office if you are interested in something different.