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Perkins Goodbye Hugs

We are pet owners and understand the importance of treating your pet as if it were one of our own. Our best friends include two Labradors, Sierra and Elle May and a cat that rules his house Smokey.

John Best along with Jim Bailey are operation’s managers and Jade Merritts manages the office.

Our commitment is to provide loving and caring treatment of your pet with the highest integrity. We understand that losing a pet is very difficult and each pet needs to be treated as if it is our own.


Our Facility

At Perkins Goodbye Hugs we take pride in keeping the cleanest and most organized facility possible. This is just another way we honor your most beloved family members.
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Here are articles we've put together for you when you're in need. Whether it's before, during, after the grieving process after they pass, we hope you find the answers, and are here to help.